10 Tips to Master Photography

Photography definitely starts as a hobby in one’s life, but can always turn into something more. Once you get into it, there is no going back, so this is why photographers, especially a beginner are continuously trying to improve themselves. Struggling along the way to a perfection is necessary, but without a doubt, these 10 tips can help you improve the quality and sharpening of your photos:

  • Hold your camera steady
  • Make sure to tailor the ISO
  • Use filters and settings
  • Don’t forget the rule of thirds
  • Ideal lightning is a must
  • Use the shutter speed
  • Find a clean background
  • Pay attention to the edges
  • Editing is an important part
  • Take as many shots as possible

1. Hold your camera steady

Almost everybody is aware of this, but not everybody understands how important it is. As silly as it sounds, take your time into learning the correct way to hold a camera if you don’t want blurry photos. Posture is a crucial part, so make sure to stand straight, tuck your elbows and you are ready to start!

2. Make sure to tailor the ISO

ISO is the option that controls the sensitivity of the camera’s sensor to lights. You can use it, but you have to use it smartly. It has to be adjusted to the situation, so just remember: minimize the ISO at broad daylight and bump it up if there is a little light and you are all set.

3. Use filters and settings

You can adjust the photos to your liking, so this is an option that you can play with. Try experimenting with contrast, as well as aperture and if you are up to the challenge, you can also purchase lens filters to boost it up a little bit more. Before you do this, study the manual of your camera or phone and try understanding first which options are available.

4. Don’t forget the rule of thirds

It sure sounds complicated, but this is actually the easiest photography rule out there. It means that you can divide your shot in nine equal parts and the guidelines are going to guide you into composing your shot.

5. Ideal lightning is a must

Have you ever looked amazing, but no matter what you did, your photos just turned out hideous? This is why lightning is so important and this is the main secret of photo studios. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford professional lights, nature light is here every morning before sunset, so try being an early bird for once and go take your perfect shot!

Actor in front on the camera in an audition

6. Use the shutter speed

How do you think influencers have such great photos while simply walking down the street? They understood the importance of the shutter speed option and started implementing it. It can give a sense of movement to the photo, so don’t think that passing vehicles are going to ruin your photo, when on the contrary, they can enrich it.

7. Find a clean background

If you have ever heard of the rule less is more, this is the perfect time for you as a future photographer to start applying it in everyday life. It is especially important while taking a portrait; just find the simplest background, so the viewers’ eyes can be focused on the person.

8. Pay attention to the edges

This is actually an addition to finding a clean background. For example, if you are taking a photo on the street why include the trash in it? Exactly! Don’t include elements that are definitely not needed and can only be a distraction. Just keep your focus on the target.

9. Editing is an important part

Let’s be real, no matter how good of a photo you take, you will always find something that bothers you afterwards. Change is inevitable, so just learn few simple editing tricks and you can give your photo the perfect finish.

DSLR camera with strap hanging on photographer’s shoulder

10. Take as many shots as possible

Follow this rule, at least at the beginning, because you can do the comparison and decide for yourself what brought you the best result. Taking a second look at your photographs is as important as proofreading in writing is.

Makedonka Micajkova