Photo Club “Kumanovo” recognized as World Photographic Center by the Global Photographic Union


Photo Club “Kumanovo” recognized as World Photographic Center by the Global Photographic Union

The many years of continuous successes of photo club Kumanovo in the education of young photographers, organization and promotion of photography as an art, were recognized by the eminent photographic international organization GPU (Global Photographic Union). Namely, the Global Photographic Union, after a one-year review of the activities of the club, decided to declare Kumanovo i.e. the photo club Kumanovo for “World photographic center”.

“Photo Club Kumanovo is a young club, but at its core there are world-famous photographers who have achieved great success in the short period of its existence. Besides exhibiting activities and successes, the club locally became well known for its free photo courses and its work with young students. We hosted individual and group exhibitions with world-renowned authors. “- said Aleksandar Dragishevski, secretary of the photo club Kumanovo.

Global Photographic Union is one of the most famous international photographic associations. It has its representative offices on four continents, managed by representatives from seven countries and is a member of a number of national photo unions, clubs and individuals. The title “World Photographic Center” is awarded only in 18 cities around the world, and it goes through details of checking the quality, ability and level of the club.

“Given that we live in a time where the environment, society, and even our thoughts are shaken by schund and kitsch, our club appears as a place for creative thought and free expression. The activities that the club has are resistance to the dominant culture, and the club is a place to defend the true cultural values. For five years now, we have introduced art taste and light in the cultural life of Kumanovo, but also wider. “- said Marina Krstic, president of the photo club Kumanovo.